AACC International é uma associação global, sem fins lucrativos, de cerca de 2.500 cientistas e profissionais da indústria de alimentos que trabalham para promover a compreensão e conhecimento da ciência grão de cereal e seus aplicativos de desenvolvimento de produtos através da investigação, liderança, educação, serviços técnicos superiores, e advocacia.

Publication date 2014

An introduction to gluten-free product requirements, their development and production, and the breadth of ingredients available.

Publication date 2014

Barley: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition is an important tool for any cereal chemist, food scientist, or crop scientist who needs to understand the development, structure, composition, or end use properties of the barley grain for cultivation, trade, and utilization.

Publication date 2011

For the first major update of this topic in 21 years, editors Webster and Wood have gathered an elite group of internationally recognized experts. This new edition addresses all aspects of oat chemistry, processing, nutrition, and plant genetics. It reflects the considerable changes in the science and food uses of oats that have occurred during the last two decades.

Publication date 2013

No other reference offers such an extensive hands-on guide to the most common stored-product pests. Atlas of Stored-Product Insects and Mites includes photographs and summary information for each of the 235 stored product insect species. Summary information includes common names, synonyms for scientific names, records of geographic distribution, suitability of commodities as insect food and commodity infestation, literature citations for life history studies and a list of natural enemies. Similar summary information is provided for 280 species of mites (Acari) reported to be associated with stored products.

Publication date 2003

Corn: Chemistry and Technology, 2nd Edition provides a broad perspective of knowledge on corn from 36 expert agronomists, food scientists, and geneticists. This 892 page book is an encyclopedic storehouse of comprehensive information on all aspects of the world’s largest crop (in metric tons grown).

Publication date 2014

Rye has been known to stimulate weight loss, prevent gallstones, lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, promote gastrointestinal health, and improve cardiovascular conditions.
Due to rye’s many health benefits, it’s no wonder that nutritionists, the grains industry, and in turn consumers, have been giving this healthy grain much more attention.

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