AWWA é a maior organização mundial de profissionais de abastecimento de água, representando todo o espectro de serviços públicos e privados de água, engenheiros de água, cientistas, gestores, operadores, fabricantes, ambientalistas, acadêmicos e órgãos reguladores. As Normas AWWA cobrem centenas de produtos e procedimentos relacionados ao tratamento de água, armazenamento, distribuição e gestão de serviços públicos. Para pesquisar todas as normas AWWA utilize o sistema de busca ao lado. Lembrando que as normas estão disponíveis no formato impresso ou eletrônico – SPDF (PDF Seguro). A Nortec, no momento, comercializa apenas no formato impresso.

Publication date 2016

Microfiltration and ultrafiltration have gained rapid acceptance as processes that provide a reliable and very high level of particle, turbidity, and microorganism removal. This manual contains information on low-pressure membranes in widely diverse applications, operations and system designs. It will help water operators, engineers, and management ensure the success of an installation.
Chapters cover topics such as water quality, membrane science and theory, system concepts, MF and UF membrane manufacturers, applications, pilot testing, design concepts, operations, cost, residuals management and future trends.

Publication date 2016

This utility operations manual provides drawings and approved procedures for fire hydrant design, installation, and operation and maintenance practices. It traces the development of the different styles and contains detailed instructions for testing. Definitions, diagrams, and record-keeping tips are included as well as easy-to-follow flow-testing procedures to quickly obtain valuable distribution system information.
The bulk of the material in this manual refers to dry-barrel and wet-barrel fire hydrants; however, information is also included on high-pressure and flush-type hydrants. Installation practices described are consistent with AWWA C600-10 Installation of Ductile Iron Water Mains and Their Appurtenances.

Publication date 2016

Each year millions of gallons of water are lost to leakage, meter error, and water theft – impacting a utilities bottom line. This newly revised manual paired with AWWA’s free Water Audit Software gives you everything you need to greatly improve your water loss program.

Publication date 2015

Updated information on valve selection and installation as well as the importance of location, condition, and frequency of operation. Also includes the latest methodologies and technologies for handling, inspecting, shipping, and storing valves and their associated parts.

Publication date 2016

This standard defines the methods to be used in the structural design of buried prestressed concrete cylinder pipe under internal pressure.

Publication date 2015

This standard describes the use of anhydrous ammonia in the treatment of potable water, wastewater, and reclaimed water.

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